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Committee of Public Relations and Foreign Affairs

This committee is divided into two sub-committees, the first one is called: Public Relations Division and assumes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Presenting the Association’s role and goals to the media and identifying its activities.
  • Developing inter-relations among the Association’s members.
  • Developing the Association’s relations and communications with important personalities, civil community organs and official bodies.
  • Expressing the Association’s aspirations and interests within the framework of its goals.
  • Initiating an internet website in the name of the Association with constantly updated information on the Association’s activities.
  • Issuing a monthly bulletin, editing local and Pan-Gulf journalistic materials reflecting the Association’s programs and activities presently and in future.
  • Establishing a data-base on the Association’s related goals.
    The second sub-committee is called Foreign Affairs Division and assumes the following duties and responsibilities:
    Developing relationships between the Association and the related local, regional and international organizations. Creation of solid and concrete links with such organizations that serve the Association’s attitude and benefiting from services provided by those organizations in achieving its goals.
  • This Sub-committee is also responsible for preparing and implementing the Association’s programs and activities which include:
  • Organizing and conducting symposiums, workshops and training courses especially designed for the Association’s members and serving the family business sector and which come under the Association Board of Directors’ work plan.
  • Laying down a time table for the programs and activities carried out by the Association on an annual basis.
  • Promoting the social links and relations among the Association members through conducting visits to family residential gatherings along with making field trips to certain factories and universities belonging to the family businesses in the region.
  • Endeavoring to attract more members to the Association.

Committee of Research and Advisory Services:

  • This committee is responsible for producing studies and research that come within the Association’s concerns and goals. It undertakes its duties in collaboration with the various related official and private agencies.
  • Providing the technical and/or administrative advisory services to seekers of the Association members, along with other services pertaining to direction and guidance.
  • Endeavoring to attract more members and businesses to the Association.

Committee of Developing Financial Resources:

This committee is responsible for massing material and moral support for the Association from different sides inside and outside Bahrain in accordance with valid official regulations. It also deals with efforts meant to develop the Association’s financial resources in addition to the following tasks:

  • Reviewing applications submitted for Association membership.
  • Endeavoring to attract more members to the Association.
  • Providing all possible facilities to the members.
  • Examining topics on membership and conditions of joining the Association referred to it by the Board of Directors.

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