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Preliminary information on activities and services offered to Association members and affiliates

With Gods help, this Association has been established as a public profit organization basically aiming to represent and defend the family businesses in all fields, along with activating their role and stature in the Kingdom of Bahrain through all possible means by participating in the implementation of development plans and diversifying national income sources.

This is in addition to stimulating such family businesses to be familiar with mechanisms and methods of maintaining the assets of business families and playing a greater role in the comprehensive development plans in the Kingdom of Bahrain through initiating developmental enterprises in all economic fields and sectors.

The Association aims to represent the family businesses and the private sector in the local and global assemblies and to adopt Bahrain point of view in the issues related to the future of family businesses. The Association, with God’s help, shall provide various functions, among which are the following:

Representing, developing and safeguarding family businesses interests.

  • Conducting seminars and presentations during which family business owners, members of the family businessmen and other establishment owners may be oriented to the latest developments in the domain of commerce and industry through lectures delivered by university professors and other competent researchers in the field of global businesses.
  • Organizing meetings between Bahrain businessmen and their counterparts and foreign delegates who visit Bahrain from time to time.
  • Discussing problems and challenges by the Association and its specialized committees and submitting recommendations to the concerned bodies for making settlements to the same.
  • Providing economical studies on the commercial conditions and other economical activities in addition to other national, regional and global matters.
  • Providing a provisional database on family businesses and making it available to the Association members and those interested in family businesses.
  • Initiating a library containing references, commercial directories from different parts of the world along with other global books, researches, magazines and periodicals specialized in family businesses and interested in authentic experiments and case studies where the role of the rising generations and family members- father and mother- of the family business are discussed, in addition to other affairs related to the future of family businesses.
  • Providing consultations and suggestions to its members in terms of presentations and procedures related to strengthening the family business to be able to face challenges.
  • Developing skills and improving productivity efficiency of the private sector through training programs set for the rising generations of the Arab family businesses where their sons could eventually be selected for leading their future business. Sponsoring programs organized and supervised by the Association for qualifying the local cadres.
  • Participating in making available necessary training which serves the interests and needs of the family businesses.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with the related Associations in the GCC, Middle East and the industrial countries by signing with them mutual understanding protocols.

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